Saint Angilbert of Centula

Saint Angilbert of CentulaAlso known as

  • Homer



Raised at the court of Charlemagne, and became his friend and confidante. Studied under Alcuin. Nicknamed “Homer” because of his Latin poetry. Married to Charlemagne‘s daughter Bertha. With her permission he turned to religious life when prayers for a successful resistance to a Danish invasion were answered and a storm scattered the Danish fleet; Bertha became a nun. Benedictine monk. Court chaplain, privy councilor, and diplomat. As a reward for his help in court, Charlemagne gave Angilbert the abbey of Saint Riquier in Centula where he served as abbot. He established a library at Centula, and introduced continuous chanting in the abbey using 300 monks and 100 boys in relays. Executor of the emperor’s will.




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