Saint Angadrisma of Beauvais

Saint Angadrisma of BeauvaisAlso known as

  • Andragasyna
  • Angadreme
  • Angadresima
  • Angadrême
  • Angradesma



Cousin of Saint Lambert of Lyon. Educated in Therouanne by Lambert and Saint Omer. She felt drawn to religious life from an early age, but was promised in an arranged marriage to Saint Ansbert of Chaussy. Dreading marriage, Angadrisma prayed for a miracle to prevent it; she was striken with leprosy. The marriage was broken off, Ansbert married some one else, and Angadrisma became a nun; the leprosy was cured the moment she received the veil from Saint Ouen, archbishop of Rouen. Abbess of the Benedictine monastery of Oroër-des-Vierge near Beauvais, France. Miracle worker. Once stopped a fire that was about to destroy her monastery by praying while holding up the relics of the house’s founder, Saint Ebrulf of Ouche.






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