Saint Andrew Bobola

Saint Andrew BobolaAlso known as

  • Andrzej Bobola
  • Apostle of Lithuania
  • Hunter of Souls



Born to the Polish nobility. Studied at the Jesuit school at Sandomierz, Poland. He joined the Jesuits on 31 July 1611 at Vilna, Lithuania. Studied and taught philosophy. Ordained on 12 March 1622. Parish priest at Vilna in 1625. Superior of the Jesuit community at Bobrinks in 1630. Worked with the sick during a plague outbreak.

Successful missionary to the Orthodox from 1636 to 1656, preaching along the roads, bringing whole villages back to Catholicism. In 1652 Prince Radziwell gave Andrew a house in Pinsk as a refuge for Jesuits hiding from the Cossacks and Tartars. He was captured just after Mass on 10 May 1657 during a Cossack raid on Pinsk. He was severely beaten, dragged by horses, tortured, hacked with knives, skinned alive, and when he tried to pray for them, they tore out his tongue and murdered him, all for being a Christian; he never surrendered his faith. Martyr.








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