Saint André-Hubert Fournet

Saint André-Hubert FournetAlso known as

  • Andrew Hubert Fournet
  • Andrea Uberto Fournet



Andrew had a strong religious upbringing, nagged by his mother to become a priest. Andrew resisted, and tried to study at Poitiers, but began leading a wild life. Out of school, his mother convinced him to stay with his uncle, a priest. The uncle’s good example so moved Andrew that he turned his life around, returned to his studies, and felt the call to a vocation. Parish priest, assigned to Maille, France.

During the French Revolution, Andrew refused to take an oath that renounced the Church. He fled to Spain 1792 for five years, then returned to his parish, and was protected by his flock, celebrating the sacraments in secret. Andrew and Saint Jeanne Elizabeth Bichier des Ages, a local holy woman, founded the Sisters of the Cross (Sisters of Saint Andrew).







  • Sisters of the Cross (Sisters of Saint Andrew)

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