Saint Anatolius of Alexandria

Also known as

  • Anatolius of Laodicea



Noted scientist, philosopher, scholar, teacher, and writer. He wrote ten books on mathematics alone, and Saint Jerome praised his scholarship and writing. Head of the Aristotlean school in Alexandria, Egypt. However, he was known not just as a scholar but as a humble and deeply religious man. Ignorance horrified him, and part of his work with the poor was to educate them. Held a number of government posts in Alexandria.

During a rebellion against the Roman authorities in 263, the area of Alexandria was under seige, resulting in the starvation of both rebels and citizens who had nothing to do with the uprising. Anatolius met with the Romans and negotiated the release of non-combatant children, women, the sick, and the elderly, saving many, and earning him a reputation as a peacemaker. The rebels, freed of caring for the non-combatants, were able to fight even longer. However, when they lost, Anatolius found himself with enemies on each side of the conflict, and he decided to leave Alexandria.

Anatolius emigrated to Caesaria, Palestine. His reputation as a scholar and Christian had preceeded him, and he became assistant and advisor to the bishop. In 268, while en route to the Council of Antioch, he passed through Laodicea, Syria. Their bishop, Saint Eusebius of Laodicea, had just died, they saw Anatolius’ arrival as a gift from God, and insisted that he assume the bishopric. He accepted, and spent his remaining fifteen years there.





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