Saint Amphilocus of Iconium

Saint Amphilocus of IconiumAlso known as

  • Amfilokius
  • Amphilochius
  • Anfilochio
  • Anfiloquio



Cousin and friend of Saint Gregory Nazianus; close friend of Saint Basil the Great. Studied law and rhetoric in Constantinople, and taught rhetoic there. Bishop of Iconium (modern Konya, Turkey) in 374. Fought against heresies of Arianism, the Manichaeans and the Messalians. Attended the Council of Constantinople in 381. Presided over the synod in Sida, Pamphylia in 394. He wrote poetry in classical Greek, and his letters to Gregory and Basil have survived to today.


  • 339 in Cappadocia, Asia Minor (in modern Turkey)


  • 400 in Konya (in modern Turkey) of natural causes


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