Saint Ambrose Edward Barlow

Saint Ambrose Edward BarlowAlso known as

  • Ambrose Brereton
  • Ambrose Radcliffe
  • Edward Ambrose Barlow



Fourth son of Sir Alexander Barlow and Mary Brereton. Baptized Catholic on 30 November 1585, he was raised as a Protestant, but as an adult he returned to Catholicism. Educated at the College of Saint Gregory, Douai, France, and the Royal College of Saint Alban in Valladolid, Spain. Benedictine in 1616. Ordained in 1617 in Douai. Returned to England to minister to covert Catholics in south Lancashire for 24 years. Unlike many of his brother priests, Ambrose was very open about his work, and was arrested several times. On 25 April 1631, just as he ended Easter Sunday Mass at Morley Hall near Manchester, England, he was arrested by an armed mob led by the local Anglican vicar. He was charged with the crime of being a priest, and freely admitted it. One of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.






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