Saint Amand of Maastricht

detail of a stained glass window Saint Amand of Maastricht, date unknown, artist unknown; Catholic parish church of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Clichy, France; photographed on 28 March 2011 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Apostle of Belgium
  • Apostle of Flanders
  • Amand of Belgium
  • Amand of Elnone
  • Amand of France
  • Amandus of….
  • Amantius of….
  • Amatius of….



Lived some time as a hermit, then became a monk at age 20 at the Abbey of Saint Martin at Tours, France. When he took the cowl, his family tried to kidnap him to bring him home for “deprogramming”, but failed. Given a commission to wander and preach, he evangelized in France, Flanders, Carinthia, Gascony, and Germany, sometimes getting beaten by the locals for his trouble. Bishop of Maastricht, Netherlands in 649. Founded several monasteries and convents. Abbot of the monastery at Elnone-en-Pevele, France. Friend and spiritual director of Saint Humbert of Pelagius, and was assisted in his work by Saint Acharius. In his declining years he retired to Elnon Abbey, where he was the spiritual teacher of Saint Chrodobald of Marchiennes, and ended his days as a prayerful monk. His association with brewers and vintners and related fields comes from spending so much time preaching and teaching in beer-making and wine-making regions.






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