Saint Aldric of Le Mans

Also known as

  • Alderico
  • Aldericus
  • Aldricus
  • Audry
  • Elric



Grew up at Aachen, Germany, serving in the court of Charlemagne. Left court life at age 21 to study for the priesthood at Metz, France. After ordination he served for nine years as chaplain in the court of Charlemagne‘s son Louis the Pious. Bishop of LeMans, France in 832. Known for his personal sanctity, his execellent adminstrative skills, and for his work for his parishioners. When Louis died, Aldric supported Charles the Bald for the throne; this resulted in Aldic being exiled from Le Mans. He was reinstated to his see by Pope Gregory IV. Papal legate to King Pepin of Aquitaine, France. Aldic convinced Pepin to return Church property stolen by the throne. Took part in the Council of Paris and Council of Tours. Paralyzed for the last two years of his life. Some of his writings survive today.




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