Saint Albert of Tournai

Also known as

  • Albert of Crespin
  • Aibert…
  • Aybert…



A pious youth, Albert received a good education in the faith from his parents, and preferred to spend his time alone and in prayer. One day he heard a travelling musician sing a hymn about the holy hermit Theobald of Provins, and was immediately taken with the idea of a life of prayer and solitude. Spiritual student of a Father John at the Saint-Crespina Monastery in the diocese of Cambrai (in modern France) where he lived an extremely ascetic life. Benedictine monk at Saint-Crespina where he worked as cellar master for 23 years before retreating again to the life of a hermit. His reputation for holiness spread, and he attacted so many would-be students that Bishop Burchard of Cambrai ordained him and built a chapel in his cell so that Albert could hear confessions and celebrate Mass. Known for his devotion to the Eucharist and for endlessly praying the Rosary.



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