Saint Alberic of Citeaux

detail of a frescoe depicting Saint Alberic of Citeaux receiving the Cistercian habit from the Blessed Virgin Mary; artist unknown, c.1742; Zirc Abbey Church, Hungary; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Alberic of Aubrey



Hermit at Collan, Chatillon-sur-Seine, France. He, Saint Robert of Molesme, and several fellow hermits formed a monastery at Molesmes in 1075 with Alberic as prior. The group’s reputation grew, and they attracted disciples, though some were not interested in living by the monastic rule. One of the house’s co-founders, Robert, left, and when Alberic tried to enforce discipline, he was briefly imprisoned by his brothers; he finally gave up and left, as well.

In 1098, Alberic and Robert joined with Saint Stephen Harding and about twenty of their disappointed brothers from Molesmes to found a new house at Citeaux, France. This house became the foundation of the Cistercian Order, one of the greatest and most respected houses in the Church.

Alberic served first as prior, and then abbot, requiring strict adherence to the Benedictine Rule. Established the lay-brother element of the monastery. Introduced the Romanesque art form that is characteristic of early Cistercian houses.


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