Saint Ailbe of Emly

Saint Ailbe of EmlyAlso known as

  • Ailbhe
  • Albert
  • Albeo
  • Albeus
  • Elvis
  • The Patrick of Munster



Disciple of Saint Patrick. Effective evangelist throughout Ireland with the support of King Aengus of Munster. Noted for his charity and his excellent preaching. Little else is known for sure, but many stories and much speculation have attached to Ailbhe. He may have been the first bishop of Emly, Ireland. He may have founded a monastery at Killeaney, Inishmore, Ireland. One old story stays that he was born to parents so poor that they were unable to feed him, and abandoned him in the deep woods; a she-wolf, running from hunters, settled beside the baby and suckled him as one of her cubs; the hunters found them, saved the baby and spared the wolf.



  • c.541 of natural causes




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