Saint Agrecius of Trier

Saint Agrecius of TrierAlso known as

  • Agricius of Trier
  • Agritius of Trèves
  • Agrizio di Treviri
  • Agrice
  • Aguy



Nothing reliable is recorded about his life before his service to the Church. Patriarch of Antioch. Friend and advisor to empress Saint Helena. Named bishop of Treves, Gaul (modern Trier, Germany) by Pope Sylvester I; served for 20 years. Attended the Council of Arles in 314. Built many churches in the diocese, and made provision for the Relics of Trier, which were collected by Saint Helena during her travels through the Holy Lands. Saint Maximus and Saint Paulinus taught in Agrecius’s schools, and he was acquainted with Saint Athanasius. Because of his association with several saints and with the relics of others, he became the subject of much pious fiction.



  • 335 of natural causes


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