Saint Agnes Cao Guiying

Martyrs of ChinaAlso known as

  • Agnese Cao Kuiying
  • Agnes Tsao Kou Ying
  • Agnes Tsao-kouy
  • Agnes Kouying Tsao
  • Inés
  • Yiani



Raised in a Catholic family, Agnes was a teenager when her parents died, and she moved from her home village to Xingyi. Married to a young farmer at age 18. Widowed two years later when her husband was martyred, she devoted herself to teaching catechism. At the request of Saint, Auguste Chapedelaine, she moved to the Guangxi province to help with the missionary work there. Along with teaching the catechism, she taught young women to cook, care for children and manage a home. For her work with the missionaries, she was imprisoned and tortured, then locked in a tiny cage and given a chance to save herself by renouncing her faith; she refused. Martyr.






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