Saint Agilbert of Paris

Also known as

  • Agilbert of Wessex



Born to the Frankish nobility. Studied at the monastery of Jouarre in Ireland under the spiritual direction of his cousin, abbot Ado. Invited in 650 by King Coenwalh of the West Saxons to serve as bishop of Wessex with his see at Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Active evangelist and missionary. Ordained and worked with Saint Wilfrid of York. Led the effort to replace Celtic liturgical customs with Roman ones.

When King Coenwalh divided Agilbert’s see for political reasons in 660, Agilbert returned to France. Bishop of Paris, France in 668. When Coenwalh invited Agilbert to return to Wessex, the bishop sent his nephew Eleutherum in his place, and stayed with his Paris see the rest of his days.



  • c.685 of natural causes


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