Saint Afan of Wales

Also known as

  • Avan
  • Avanus



Bishop. Nothing else is known about him for certain; various writers have made him a descendant of the 3rd century Cynedda Wledig, King of Britain, a cousin of 6th century Saint David of Wales, and the 10th century bishop Jeuan who was killed by Viking invaders, but no one today knows for sure.

The church dedicated to him at Lanafan Fawr, Powys, Wales was apparently a site of pilgrimages in times past, and site of at least one miracle. The English Lord Philip de Braose came to the area to hunt, and decided that the church was the best lodging for him and his dogs. When he woke at sunrise, his dogs had gone mad and he was blind. His sight was only restored by making his willingness to fight in the Crusades.


  • entombed in the churchyard of Saint Afan’s Church, Lanafan Fawr, Powys, Wales


Additional Information


Llanafan remembers thee, O Hierarch Afan, thou teacher of piety, pastor, guide and inspirer of men’s hearts. Wherefore, O holy one, entreat Christ our God that He will grant great mercy to our souls. – troparion of Saint Afan

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