Saint Aedh mac Bricc

Also known as

  • Aedh mac Breece
  • Aed
  • Aod
  • Aedsind



Son of Breece (Bricc) of the Hy Neill, the boy grew up working on his father‘s farm. When his father died, Aedh’s brother refused to give him his rightful inheritance. Aedh planned to kidnap a girl from his brother’s household to force the issue, but Illathan, bishop of Rathlihen, Offay, talked him out of it. Aedh stayed with the bishop to study and start a new life. He founded a monastery at Cill-áir in Westmreath. Bishop. Founded churches throughout Meath. Reputed to have miraculously cured Saint Brigid of Ireland of a headache which to a tradition of his intervention for that problem.



  • 589 of natural causes



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