Saint Adelelmus

detail from a 17th century portrait of Saint Adelelmus; artust unknown; Cathedral of Burgos, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Adelelm
  • Adelhelm
  • Aleaunie
  • Aleaume
  • Alleaume
  • Elesmes
  • Lesmes



Manservant. Soldier for France, with a promising career. While on pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, he met Saint Robert at Chaise-Dieu monastery, Issoire. Soon after, Adelelmus retired from military life to become a Benedictine monk at Issoire under the spiritual direction of Saint Robert. Known as a miracle worker.

Adelelmus’s reputation for holiness spread. Constance of Burgundy, Queen of Castile, Spain was so impressed by him that 1079 she and King Alphonsus VI of Castile built a monastery in Burgos, Spain on condition that he serve as its first abbot. He soon after added a church and hospital to the house. Joined in the war to drive the Moors from Spain.

One night, while out on some holy business, abbot Adelemus and his aide were caught in a storm. Adelelmus ordered his assistant to light a candle so they could see to finish their journey. Not only was he able to light the exposed candle in the rain, but it stayed lit throughout their whole wet, windy, stormy trip.



  • c.1100 at Burgos, Castilla la Vieja, Spain of natural causes


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