Saint Adelelmus of Le Mans

Also known as

  • Adelelmus of Etival
  • Adelelmus of Flanders
  • Adelermus of….
  • Adelhelm of….
  • Adelinus of….
  • Alleaume of….
  • Adelelmo of….
  • Adelermo of….
  • Adelino of….



Friend and spiritual student of a hermit named Albert around Le Mans, France. Spiritual student of Saint Bernard of Tiron on Chaussey in the Channel Islands, but he returned to live as a hermit with Albert. With help from the count of Beaumont, Adelelmus founded a monastery for monks in the forest of Charnier, and a convent in Etival-a-Charnier in 1109. Though he lived near, and helped teach monks and nuns, Adelelmus apparently took any vows or joined any religious order.



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