Saint Adalbert of Prague

an oil painting of Saint Adalbert by Mihály Kovács, 1855; the painting is in the Dobó István Castle Museum, Eger, Hungary; the image was swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Adalbert of Praha
  • Adalberto…
  • Adelbert…
  • Adalbert…
  • Voitech…
  • Voytech…
  • Voytiekh…
  • Wojciech…
  • Apostle of Bohemia
  • Apostle of the Prussians
  • Apostle of the Slavs



Born to the Bohemian nobility. He took the name of Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg, the archbishop who healed, educated and converted him. Bishop of Prague (in the modern Czech Republic on 10 February 982. Friend of Emperor Otto III. Adalbert encouraged the evangelization of the Magyars, and worked on it with Saint Astricus. Opposed by the nobility in Prague and unpopular in the area, he withdrew to Rome, Italy and became a Benedictine monk, making his vows on 17 April 990; Pope John XV sent him back to Prague. anyway. Founded the monastery of Brevnov. Met more opposition from the nobility, and returned to Rome. There being no hope of his working in Prague, he was allowed to (unsuccessfully) evangelize in Pomerania, Poland, Prussia, Hungary, and Russia. He and his fellow missionaries were martyred by Prussians near Koenigsberg or Danzig at the instigation of a pagan priest. Not long before his death, Adalbert met and was a great inspiration to Saint Boniface of Querfurt.


  • c.957 in Libice nad Cidlinou, Bohemia (part of modern Czech Republic) as Voytech





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