Saint Achilles of Larissa

detail from a fresco of Saint Achilles of Larissa, 1191, artist unknown; church Saint George, Kurbinovo, Republic of MacedoniaAlso known as

  • Achilles of Thessaly
  • Achilles the Thaumaturgist
  • Achillas of…
  • Achillius of…
  • Ailus of…
  • Achilius of…



Born to an imperial Roman patrician family, he received a good education, especially in philosophy. On the death of his parents, he sold all his property, gave the money to the poor, and went on pilgrimage to the Holy Lands and then to Rome, Italy. Bishop of Larissa, Thessaly, Greece. Reported to have attended the first Council of Nicaea. Fought Arianism. Miracle worker.


  • 3rd century in Cappadocia, Asia Minor (in modern Turkey)



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