Saint Abdas of Cascar

Also known as

  • Abdas of Susa
  • Abdas of Persia
  • Abda, Abdaeus, Abdias, Abdiesus, Abdjesus, Abieso, Audesius, Audius, Audus, Hebedjesus



Bishop of Beth-Cascar, Chaldea (Susa, Persia). When he destroyed a Zoroastrian temple and refused to re-build it, he was imprisoned, tortured, maimed and martyred in the persecutions of King Isdegard. Abdas was tempted with release and rewards to break the seal of confession; he refused. With him died 16 priests, 9 deacons, 6 monks and 7 nuns whose names have not come down to us.



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