A Jewish sect, contemporary with Jesus Christ. Their nature is made known to us solely by the New Testament, the Talmud, and Flavius Josephus. Saint Matthew (22) relates, “Now on that day there came to him Sadducees, who say that there is no resurrection.” Acts (23), “For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, neither angel nor spirit: but the Pharisees confess both.” This doctrinal divergence generated a deadly hatred between the two sects; yet they conspired against Jesus. Flavius Josephus (Antig., 18), “But the doctrine of the Sadducees is this: that souls die with the bodies, nor do they regard the observation of anything besides what the law enjoins them; for they think it an instance of virtue to dispute with those doctors of philosophy whom they frequent. Their doctrine is received but by a few, yet by those of the greatest dignity.”

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