Roman Martyrology, June 20th

This Day, the Twentieth Day of June

The birthday of Saint Silverius, Pope and martyr. For refusing to reinstate the heretical bishop Anthimus, deposed by his predecessor Agapitus, he was banished to the isle of Pontia, by Belisarius, at the instigation of the wicked empress Theodora, and, consumed by many tribulations for the Catholic faith, he expired.

At Rome, the demise of Saint Novatus, son of the blessed senator Pudens, and brother of the saintly priest Timothy, and of the holy virgins of Christ Pudentiana and Praxedes, who were instructed in the faith by the Apostles. Their house was converted into a church, and bore the title of Pastor.

At Tomis, in Pontus, the holy martyrs Paul and Cyriacus.

At Petra, in Palestine, Saint Macarius, a bishop who suffered much from the Arians, and was banished to Africa, where he rested in the Lord.

At Seville, in Spain, the holy virgin Florentina, sister of the holy bishops Leander and Isidore.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

V: All ye Holy Martyrs, pray for us
R: Thanks be to God

– Roman Martyrology, 1914, revised edition with the imprimatur of Cardinal James Gibbons