Roman Martyrology, July 5th

This Day, the Fifth Day of July

At Cremona, in Insubria, Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria, confessor, founder of the Barnabites and the Angelic Virgins. Distinguished for all the virtues and for miracles, he was placed among the Saints by Leo XIII. His body is venerated in the church of Saint Barnabas, at Milan.

At Rome, Saint Zoe, martyr, wife of the blessed martyr Nicostratus. Whilst praying at the tomb of the Apostle Saint Peter, during the time of Diocletian, she was seized by the persecutors, and cast into a dark dungeon; then being suspended on a tree by her neck and hair, and suffocated by a loathsome smoke, she yielded up her soul in the confession of the Lord.

In Syria, the birthday of Saint Domitius, martyr, who by his miracles confers many favors on the people of that country.

At Cyrene, in Libya, Saint Cyrilla, a martyr, in the persecution of Diocletian. For a long while she held on her hand burning coals with incense, lest by shaking off the coals she should seem to offer incense to the idols. She was afterwards cruelly scourged, and went to her spouse adorned with her own blood.

At Jerusalem, Saint Athanasius, a deacon, who was apprehended by the heretics for defending the Council of Chalcedon, and after experiencing all kinds of torments, was put to the sword.

In Sicily, the holy martyrs Agatho and Triphina.

At Tomis, in Scythia, the holy martyrs Marinus, Theodotus, and Sedopha.

At Treves, Saint Numerian, bishop and confessor.

Saint Michael of the Saints, whose death is mentioned on the 10th of April.

At San Severino, in the March of Ancona, Saint Philomena, virgin.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

V: All ye Holy Martyrs, pray for us
R: Thanks be to God

– Roman Martyrology, 1914, revised edition with the imprimatur of Cardinal James Gibbons