A circular band of metal worn as an ornament; commonly regarded as an emblem of fidelity or eternity. In its liturgical use the nuptial ring blessed was the marriage ceremony, and worn on the fourth finger, is emblematic of the conjugal fidelity. The pontifical ring conferred at the consecraton or the blessing of an abbot, indicates the recipient’s betrothal to the Church. The ring presented to consecrated virgins (nuns at their profession) reminds them of their betrothal to their heavenly spouse. As a sign of reverence the faithful kiss a bishop‘s ring especially before receiving communion from his hand. The Pope‘s signet ring is known as the “Ring of the Fisherman”. The Pope himself confers the ring belonging to the cardinalitial dignity. The wearing of a ring is permitted to prothonotaries, canons, and doctors of theology, but generally not during the celebration of Mass. The blessing of the so-called “ring of Saint Joseph” is reserved to the Carmelite Fathers.

In Christian art a ring or rings is especially associated with

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