remission of sin


True, actual forgiveness of sin. With remission of mortal sin the eternal punishment due to it is also pardoned, but not all venial sins or temporal punishments are taken away. Unlimited power of remitting sin was promised and conferred upon the Apostles and their successors by Jesus Christ (Matthew 16 and 18; John 20). This power is exercised in the Sacrament of Penance. For a valid exercise of this power the order of priesthood and proper jurisdiction are required. This jurisdiction is vested in its plenitude in the pope, from whom all bishops and priests in the entire Church receive their jurisdiction. Perfect contrition, with the desire of the Sacrament, is another means of remitting mortal sin. Venial sins can also be remitted, provided sorrow for them be present, by devout attendance at Holy Mass, penitential exercises, charitable works, prayers, etc. See also the entries for justification and contrition.

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