Presence of God


Everywhere, according to reason and faith, God is actually present, else He would be neither infinitely perfect nor incapable of change. In all creatures He is present, that is, He is with them, as a cause is present in its effects. By His essence which they imitate He gives them being, by His power with which they cooperate He gives them motion, by His providence which rules them all, He directs their actions to achieve His glory and their good. In intelligent creatures God may be present as an object of thought and will. He also causes these actions by a special working and indwelling of the Holy Ghost. The presence of God in mystical contemplation is this special indwelling which the soul perceives by direct consciousness or experimentally. The Beatific Vision is the final and perfect degree of the presence of God in the creature and of the creature’s consciousness of this. In the Human Nature of Jesus Christ, the presence of God in creatures reaches all possible perfection. In this Human Nature, by virtue of the Hypostatic or Personal Union, God the Son is present as the Person, the ultimate Subject of the actions of that Human Nature. The Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the existence of Christ’s Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity wherever there are the appearances of consecrated Bread and Wine. The frequent remembrance of the presence of God, especially His ordinary presence and His presence by grace, is a traditionally fruitful religious practise.

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