Prayer to Saint Rita of Cascia

Most powerful Protectress and mighty Advocate, Saint Rita of Cascia! Resplendent sun of the holy Catholic Church, mirror of patience, the scourge of demons, the health of the weak, the comfort of the needy, the admiration of the Saints and pattern of all holiness, beloved Spouse of Jesus Christ, crowned with and distinguished by one of His most sacred thorns: prostrate before you with all my heart, I beseech you to obtain for me holy resignation to the Divine Will in all the adversities of my life, and that I may contemplate with profit the Passion and Death of my God, which you with so much and such rare fervour did daily contemplate in the sacred crown of thorns. Pray, direct, O Beloved Advocate, Saint Rita, the intention of these my humble prayers, that by the amendment of my past sinful life I may gain pardon of all my sins and may join you in Paradise to enjoy God for all eternity. Amen.