Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Universe, by Pope Pius XII

Mary, Queen of the UniverseFrom the depths of this tearful earth where sorrowing humanity makes weary progress – through the surges of this sea of ours endlessly buffeted by the winds of passion – we raise our eyes to you, O Most Beloved Mother Mary, to be comforted by the contemplation of your glory and to hail you as Queen of heaven and earth. Queen of mankind. Queen of Peace.

With legitimate filial pride, we wish to exalt your Queenship and to recognize it as due to the sovereign excellence of your whole being, O holiest One, truly Mother of Him Who is King by right, by inheritance, and by conquest.

Reign, O Mother and Queen, by showing us the path of holiness, and by guiding and assisting us that we may never stray from it.

In the heights of heaven you exercise your primacy over the choirs of angels who acclaim you as their Sovereign, and over the legions of saints who delight in beholding your dazzling beauty. So, too, reign over the entire human race, above all by opening the path of faith to those who do not yet know your Divine Son.

Reign over the Church, which acknowledges and extols your gentle dominion and has recourse to you as a safe refuge amid the calamities of our day.

Reign especially over that part of the Church which is persecuted and oppressed, giving it strength to bear adversity, constancy never to yield under unjust compulsion, light to avoid falling into enemy snares, firmness to resist overt attack, and at every moment unwavering faithfulness to your kingdom.

Reign over men’s minds, that they may seek only what is true;

over their wills, that they may follow solely what is good;

over their hearts, that they may love nothing but what you yourself love.

Reign over individuals and over families, as well as over societies and nations; over the assemblies of the powerful, the councils of the wise, as over the simple aspirations of the humble.

Reign in the streets and the squares, in the cities and the villages, in the valleys and the mountains, in the air, on land and on the sea; and hear the pious prayer of all those who recognize that yours is a reign of mercy, in which every petition is heard, every sorrow comforted, every misfortune relieved, every infirmity healed.

Obtain for us that all who now in every corner of the world acclaim and hail you Queen of Peace, may one day in heaven enjoy the fullness of your kingdom in the vision of your Divine Son, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

– Pope Pius XII