Prayer for Pardon, Purity, and Grace

O Holy God, in whom is all goodness, whose pity and mercy made You to descend from the 72 high throne down into this world, the valley of woe and weeping, and here to take our nature, and in that nature to suffer pain and death, to bring our souls to Your Kingdom. Merciful Lord, forgive us all our sins that we have done, thought, and said. O glorious Trinity, send us cleanness of heart and purity of soul; restore us with Your Holy Spirit, and strengthen us with Your might, that we may always withstand evil temptations. Comfort us with Your Holy Ghost, and fulfill us with grace and charity, that we may henceforth live virtuously and love You with all our heart, with all our might, and with all our soul, so that we may never offend You, but ever follow Your pleasure in will, word, thought, and deed. Now grant us this, good Lord, that art infinite, which eternally shall endure; through Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen.

Blessed Richard Rolle