Pope Urban VI

Pope Urban VIAlso known as

  • Bartolommeo Prignani


Pious monk. Archbishop of Acerenza, Naple, Italy on 21 March 1364. Archbishop of Bari, Italy on 14 April 1377 by Pope Gregory XI. Papal chancellor. Chosen 202nd pope, chosen partly due to political wrangling within the college of cardinals, and partly due to pressures from the Romans to again have an Italian pope.

A pious monk and able administrator before his election, he almost immediately came into conflict with the cardinals and showed himself to be arrogant and imperious. The majority of cardinals fled to Fondi, Italy, repudiated their election of Urban, and on 20 September 1378 chose Robert of Geneva as anti-pope; he chose the name Clement VII, and inaugurated decades of schism that divided Europe, confused the faithful, and wasted the lives of many good men. Issuing statements against the schismatics, raising funds, fielding armies, offense and defense in the field – these tied up the bulk of Urban’s papacy. Had his time been more peaceful he may have been a competent leader of the Church, but Urban was ill-suited to deal with the legacy of divisions following the Avignon exile.


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