Pope Saint Dionysius

detail of a bas-relief portrait medallioin of Pope Saint Dionysius, date and artist unknown; Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, ItalyMemorial


Roman citizen. Nothing is known about his early life. Monk. Priest. Bishop in Rome during the papacy of Saint Stephen I. Involved in the controversy over orthodox and heretical forms of Baptism. Following an inter-regnum of a year caused by the persecutions of Valerian, Dionyius was chosen 25th Pope.

Issued a doctrinal letter to correct the writings of Patriarch Dionysius of Alexandria regarding the Trinity. The letter opposed Sabellianism, and insisted on the true doctrine of Three Persons in one Godhead. Sent large sums of money to the churches of Cappadocia for construction and the ransom of slaves; invading Goths had destroyed the buildings and enslaved the faithful. Brought order to the Church after a period of no leadership, and made peace with Emperor Gallienus who issued an edict of toleration. He condemned Paul of Samosata as a heretic. First pope to die not as a martyr.


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