Pope Saint Callistus II

detail of a stained glass window of Pope Saint Calistus II, date and artist unknown; abbey church in Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye, Isère, France; photographed on 6 September 2011 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Calixt II
  • Calixtus II
  • Guido of Burgundy



Born to the nobility. Uncle of the Queen of France, cousin of the King of England, related to the German Emperor. Benedictine monk. Archbishop of Vienne, France for over 30 years. Created cardinal by Pope Paschal II. Chosen 162nd Pope in 1119. Ended the investiture conflict. Presided over the First Lateran Council. Fought simony and concubinage of the clergy. Funded construction and beautification projects in Rome.


Papal Ascension


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