Pope Saint Caius I

illustration of Pope Caius I from the book 'The Lives and Times of the Popes' by Chevalier Artaud de Montor, 1911; artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Caius the Dalmatian
  • Cayo
  • Gaius



Some unreliable early documents indicate he was from Spalato in Dalmatia, may have been a relative of Emperor Diocletian, and the uncle of Saint Susanna. However, nothing reliable is known of his early life.

Pope in a time of peace before the last great persecution of Rome, and little concerning his papacy has survived. Decreed that before a man could be bishop, he must first be porter, reader, exorcist, acolyte, sub-deacon, deacon, and priest. Divided the districts of Rome among deacons.

Originally listed as a martyr based on the tales of his suffering during the Diocletian persecutions, these did not begin until years after his death, and there is no evidence of his suffering or martyrdom. This lack of verifiable information led to his name being dropped from the Martyrology.

Papal Ascension



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