Pope Pius III

Pope Pius IIIAlso known as

  • Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini


Born to a poor side of the family, he was semi-adopted by his uncle, Pope Pius II. Studied law in Perugia, Italy. Cardinaldeacon and archbishop of Siena, Italy on 5 March 1460 at age 22. Papal legate to the Marches of Ancona, Italy in April 1460. Papal legate to Germany for Pope Paul II. During the reigns of Pope Sixtus IV and Pope Alexander VI, periods of corruption and worldliness in the Vatican, he stayed away from Rome. Attended the Diet of Ratisbon. Suffered severely from gout. 215th pope; his papacy lasted 26 days. He started a system of reform of the papal court, but did not live to see it through.


Papal Ascension


Additional Information


[H]e left no moment unoccupied; his time for study was before daybreak; he spent his mornings in prayer and his midday hours in giving audiences, to which the humblest had easy access. He was so temperate in food and drink that he only allowed himself an evening meal every other day. – Sigismondo de Conti, a friend of Pius III

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