Pope Paul V

Pope Paul VAlso known as

  • Camillo Borghese


Born to the nobility. Studied law at Perugia and Padua, Italy. Created CardinalPriest of San Eusebio by Pope Clement VIII on 5 June 1596. Bishop of Jesi, Italy from 14 April 1597 until he resigned in 1599. CardinalPriest of Saints Giovanni e Paolo on 10 March 1599. CardinalPriest of San Crisogono on 22 April 1602. 233rd pope in 1605.

A stern, stubborn man who refused to compromise on the authority and privileges of the Church, which led to open conflict with many of the Italian states; in April 1606 he excommunicated the entire government of Venice, Italy. Condemned the oath of allegiance of King James I of England. Ordered Galileo Galilei not to defend the heliocentric ideas of Copernicus. Financed the completion of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Supported and improved the Vatican Library. Like many popes of his era, he was guilty of nepotism.


Papal Ascension


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