Pope Martin V

Pope Martin VAlso known as

  • Oddone Colonna


Papal nuncio to several Italian courts. Administrator of the diocese of Palestrina, Italy. Created cardinal-deacon by Pope Innocent VII. Attended and supported the decisions of the Council of Pisa during the Western Schism. His election by the conclave at the Council of Constance as 206th pope ended the Schism.

Though offered many other lodgings, Martin established his papacy in Rome, Italy, and worked to rebuild it and the Papal States. To restore Church unity and papal prestige, he made concordats with various rulers, and denounced the theory that councils are supreme in the Church, an idea that had gained popularity at Pisa and Constance. An attempt to prolong the schism was made in Spain by the followers of anti-popes Benedict XIII and Clement VIII, but by 1429 they had run out of followers or supporters. Ordered a crusade against the Hussites. Limited the Gallican liberties.


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