Pope Martin IV

Pope Martin IVAlso known as

  • Simon de Brie


Chancellor to King Louis IX of France. Created cardinal-priest by Pope Urban IV. Papal legate to France, where he pushed for reforms. Chosen 189th pope in 1281.

Due to anti-French sentiment in Rome, he was unable to return to the Vatican. His papacy became known for political machinations. He supported the Angevin dynasty in Sicily and southern Italy. Supported Charles of Anjou’s attempt to restore the Latin Empire of Constantinople. Excommunicated Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII, which sacrificed the 1274 union of East and West made at Lyons. After the revolt known as the Sicilian Vespers, he turned his power against Peter III of Arag√≥n who had been chosen king of Sicily.

De Brie adopted the name Martin IV because two popes named Marinus were thought to have been named Martin. He is actually only the second pope named Martin.


  • in Montpensier, France as Simon de Brie

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