Pope Lucius II

Pope Lucius IIAlso known as

  • Gherardo Caccianemici dal Orbo


Canon regular in Bologna, Itay. Cardinalpriest of Santa Croce, Gerusalemme in 1124. Papal legate to Germany from 1125 to 1126 for Pope Honorius II, and in 1130, 1131, 1133, 1134 and 1136 for Pope Innocent II. Helped elect King Lothair III in 1125. Helped get Saint Norbert chosen as bishop of Magdeburg in 1126. Papal chancellor to Innocent II. Papal librarian for Innocent II and Celestine II. Elected 166nd pope in 1144, taking the name Lucius II.

Called a synod in May 1144 to settle a dispute between the dioceses of Tours and Dol. Following a breakdown in negotiations over vassalage terms, he embarked on a disastrous war against King Roger of Sicily; he lost and had to settle on Roger’s terms. Founded several monasteries in Italy and Germany, helped the Cluniac reform, and supported the new Order of the Premonstratensians.

Lucius dissolved the Roman citizen’s senate which had been established by Pope Innocent II, and which had assumed some temporal power from the papacy. The republican faction revolted, chose Pierleoni as their leader and demanded that Lucius cede civil power to him and a re-constituted senate. Lucius led his army against the republicans, but lost, receiving the injuries from which he later died.


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