Pope John XII

Pope John XIIAlso known as

  • Octavian


Count of Tusculum. Son of Alberic, who secured John’s election to the papacy at age 18. 130th pope.

Notoriously immoral, his pontificate was such a disgrace that the Lateran was known as a brothel. He called on Otto I to help him against Berengar II of Italy, and in return he crowned Otto the first German emperor on 2 February 962. Later, deciding he did not care for the emperor meddling in papal affairs, John sided with Berengar party against Otto; Otto invaded Rome, and called a synod that deposed John on 4 December 963, and elected Leo VIII as pope. John was restored by Roman insurrectionists 26 February 964, but died soon after.


Papal Ascension


  • 14 May 964 at Rome, Italy
  • murdered by any one of a number of parties unknown, or following a stroke that hit during an adulterous liason – stories vary
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