Pope Innocent XII

Pope Innocent XIIAlso known as

  • Antonio Pignatelli


Governor of Perugia, Italy. Chosen Titular Archbishop of Larissa in Thessalia on 14 October 1652. Apostolic nuncio to Florence from 2 November 1652 to 19 April 1660. Apostolic nuncio to Poland from 29 May 1660 to May 1668. Apostolic nuncio to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor from 9 March 1668 to 2 March 1671. Archbishop of Lecce, Italy on 4 May 1671. Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars from July 1673 till 1675. Elevated to Cardinalpriest on San Pancrazio on 1 September 1681. Archbishop of Faenza, Italy on 12 January 1682. Archbishop of Naples, Italy on 30 September 1686.

Chosen 242nd pope on 12 July 1691. Founded several charitable and educational institutions. Secured the repeal of the Declaration of the French Clergy. Fought simony. Inadvertently furnished the cause for the War of the Spanish Succession when, annoyed by the arrogance of the imperial ambassador, Count Martinitz, he advised Charles II of Spain to name the Duke of Anjou, a Frenchman, his testamentary successor.


Papal Ascension


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