Pope Innocent VIII

Pope Innocent VIIIAlso known as

  • Giovanni Battista Cibò


Son of the Roman senator Aron Cibò and Teodorina de’ Mari. Had a wild and misspent youth, and was the father of two illegitimate children, Franceschetto and Teodorina. Priest. Assistant to Cardinal Calandrini. Bishop of Savona, Italy in 1467. Bishop of Molfetta, Italy in 1472. Elevated to cardinal in 1473. Chosen 213th pope.

Worked for peace among the Christian princes. Confirmed the legitimacy of the sovereignty of Henry VII in England. Opposed the Hussites. Worked to arrest those who sold papal Bulls; one of these forgeries permitted the celebration of Mass without wine. Issued a Bull against witchcraft on 5 December 1484, which has made him hated for over 500 years. Saw the conquest of Granada in 1492 which stopped the power of the Moors in Spain.


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