Pope Honorius IV

Pope Honorius IVAlso known as

  • Giacomo Savelli


Born to a wealthy and influential family. Grand-nephew of Pope Honorius III. Studied at the University of Paris. Canon of the cathedral of Châlons-sur-Marne. Rector at the church of Berton, diocese of Norwich. Created cardinaldeacon of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in 1261 by Pope Martin IV. Papal prefect in Tuscany. Captain of the papal army. One of the cardinals who elected Pope Gregory X. Attended the 14th General Council at Lyons in 1274. 190th pope.

Honorius suffered terribly from gout, could neither stand nor walk, and had to sit on a stool to celebrate Mass. Much of his papacy was involved in the endless disputes with the rulers of Sicily, but Rome and the Papal States enjoyed a period of unusual calm, and Honorius moved his court to Rome, a rarity in the time. He settled disputes with surrounding city-states, and extended the power of the papacy throughout southern Italy. He approved privileges granted to the Carmelites and Augustinian hermits, supported the Williamites, and condemned the Apostolics sect. Supported the increased study of Eastern language at the University of Paris so that missionaries could work for conversion of Muslims and reconciliation of the Eastern churches.


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