Pope Gregory II Commends Boniface to the People of Thuringia, December 724

Pope Gregory IIOur Lord, Jesus Christ, came down from heaven and, true God as He was, became Man, suffered and was crucified for our sakes [80] was buried and the third day rose again from the dead and ascended into heaven. But to His holy Apostles he said: ” Go, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost “, promising eternal life to all those who believed.

Wherefore, desiring that you should rejoice with us for all eternity where there is no end, no suffering nor any bitterness, but only glory for evermore, we have sent you our most holy brother Boniface as your bishop, so that he may baptize you, teach you the faith of Christ and lead you from error to the path of salvation, whereby you may be saved and enjoy everlasting life. Obey him in all things, respect him as your father and submit your hearts to his teaching, because we have sent him to seek, not earthly gain, but the profit of your souls.

Wherefore, love God and receive Baptism in His name, because the Lord our God had prepared what the eye of man hath not seen nor the heart conceived for those who love Him. Put aside your evil ways and do good. Adore not idols nor make bloody sacrifices, because God does not accept them; but in all things carry out and observe the injunctions of our brother Boniface, and then both you and your children will be saved for evermore.

Build him a house, therefore, where he can dwell as your father and bishop; build churches where you can pray: and may God have mercy on your sins and grant you everlasting life.