Pope Gregory II Commends Boniface to the Leaders of Thuringia, December 722

Pope Gregory IIPope Gregory to his distinguished sons Asulf, Godolaus, Wilareus, Gundhar, Alvold and all the faithful of Thuringia who are beloved of God.

The report of your loyalty to Christ and of your steadfast answers to the heathen when they urged you to return to the worship of idols that you would rather die than break faith with Christ once you had accepted Him filled us with great joy. We give thanks to our God and Redeemer, the Giver of all good. We pray that in the strength of His grace you may advance to higher and greater things, whilst you cling with all your might to the beliefs and teaching of the Holy Apostolic See.

We pray also that as far as the work of our holy religion requires, you will seek consolation from this Holy Apostolic See, who is the spiritual mother of all believers, for as you are her sons and joint heirs of a kingdom that has a royal Father it is fitting that you do so.

We bid you to show obedience in all things to our dearest brother Boniface, now consecrated bishop, who is well grounded in all the traditions of this Apostolic See. We send him to you to preach and instruct you in the faith and we urge you to cooperate with him in working out your salvation in the Lord.