Pope Clement V

Pope Clement VAlso known as

  • Bertrand de Got


Archbishop of Bordeaux, France, chosen by Pope Boniface VIII. Chosen 195th pope. Spent his entire papacy in France; in 1309 he settled at Avignon, beginning the long, controversial residency of the papacy there. The pontificate of Clement is one long chronicle of him enacting the dictates of the French king. Clement stopped Philip’s effort to have Boniface posthumously condemned as a heretic; he supported Philip in the suppression of the Knights Templars. Called the Council of Vienne in 1311 to settle the issue, and to deal with questions of heresy and Church reform. Supported the coronation of Henry VII as Holy Roman Emperor in 1312, but later renounced Henry for his policies in Italy. His Constitutiones Clementinae, issued in 1313, are important in canon law.


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