Pope Clement IX

Pope Clement IXAlso known as

  • Giulio Rospigliosi


Noted student at the Roman Seminary and University of Pisa; received his Ph.D at age 23. Professor of philosophy at the University of Pisa. Priest. Member of the papal court, and a friend of Pope Urban VIII. Titular archbishop of Tarsus. Papal nuncio to Spain. Secretary of state and cardinalpriest in the court of Pope Alexander VII. Chosen 238th pope in 1667.

As pope he heard confessions two days a week in Saint Peter’s Basilica, visited the sick in Roman hospitals, refused to have his name put on buildings he financed, and was much beloved for his humility and charity. Re-organized the Church in Portugal. Temporarily calmed the Jansenist dissension in France, period known as the Clementine Peace, (Pax Clementina). Arbitrated the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle between France and Spain. Cleaned up the Vatican finances. Financially supported Venice against the Turks in defense of Crete.


Papal Ascension


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