Pope Benedict VIII

Pope Benedict VIIIAlso known as

  • Theophylact of Tusculum


Son of Gregory, count of Tusculum, and Maria; brother of Pope John XIX; relative of Pope Benedict VI. Count of Tusculum. Chosen pope even though he was a layman. Violent support for an anti-pope named Gregory caused Benedict to leave Rome. Forces under Henry II of Germany came to his aid. On 14 February 1014 Benedict crowned Henry II as Holy Roman Emperor. Pope during a period of renewed invasion of Europe by the Saracens, who established a settlement on Sicily; Benedict’s forces kept them off the mainland. He subjugated the Crescentii, and allied with the Normans who were slowly moving into Italy. Worked for clerical discipline and celibacy, and convened a synod at Pavia to work against simony. Supported the Cluniac reforms. Friend of Saint Odilo of Cluny.


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