Pictorial Half Hours with the Saints – The Circumcision

Pictorial Half Hours with the Saints - The CircumcisionUnion In Charity

On contracting an alliance with Abraham and his posterity, God enjoined the ceremony of Circumcision, in token of the alliance, even as, later on, He imposed upon the Christian people the obligation of Baptism; with this difference, however, that circumcision was but an ineffectual symbol, whereas baptism confers the grace which it signifies. Jesus Christ could not be bound to submit to a law, of which, by virtue of His Godship, He was the author; but having come into the world in order to bind anew to God the human race, and to sanctify it, He wished to bear in His own sacred person the signs of the twofold alliance, in order to merge them. He received, then, circumcision on the eighth day after His birth, in accordance with the law of Moses, while reserving His purpose of receiving baptism at a later period, in conformity with the law of the Gospel; He thus, in the early dawn of childhood, made the first offering of that precious Blood which was destined to effect the salvation of the human

Moral Reflection

Jesus Christ on this day affords us the precept and example of that divine charity which ought to make of all nations a single people, and of all men one family of brethren here below, and one family of the blessed in Heaven. “For by Him we have access both in one Spirit to the Father.” – Ephesians 2:18

– from Pictorial Half Hours with the Saints, by Father Auguste Fran├žois Lecanu, 1865